Myco-T-3-Tricho: Combination Trichoderma viride, T. harzianum and T. langibrachiatum

Myco-T-3-Tricho: Combination Trichoderma viride, T. harzianum and T. langibrachiatum

Myco-T3-Tricho (Bio-control agent)

The Myco- T3- Tricho is a Bio-control agent produced by using Trichoderma viride, T.harzianum and T. longibrachiatum.  This formulation is a very effective biological mean for plant disease management. It is highly interactive in root, soil and foliar environments. It can inhibit and eliminate pathogens through different mechanisms like competition, antibiosis, mycoparasitism, hyphal interactions, and enzyme secretion.

Benefits of Myco-T3-Tricho

  • This is a unique formulation which can serve as a potent biocontrol agent that could prevent soil-borne infertions caused by Fusarium, Phytopthara, Scelerotia etc.
  • Alternaria alternata, A. solani, and Botrytis cirerea and Rhizectonia spp, Pellicularis filamentosa, Pythium, Pellicularia rolfsii, Macrophomina phaseoli, Macrophomina phaseoli are the other pathogens that could be controlled by Myco – T3- Tricho.
  • The application of Myco- T3- Tricho increases the number of deep roots.
  • Myco- T3- Tricho solubilize phosphates and micronutrients.
  • Increasing the plant's ability to resist drought.
  • Myco- T3- Tricho induce ethylene production, hypersensitive responses and other defense related reactions in plant cultivars.
  • Ability to degrade a wide range of insecticides
  • It produces antibiotics and toxins which have a direct effect on other organisms.
  • Secrete different lytic enzymes such as chitinase, glucanase and pectinase that are involved in the process of mycoparasitism.
  • Myco-T-3-Tricho enhance yield, germination rate, increase in shoot and root length
  • Crops: Myco-T-3-Tricho is most useful for all types of plants and vegetables such as cauliflower, cotton, tobacco, soybean, sugarcane, sugarbeet, eggplant, red gram, bengal gram, banana, turmeric, coconut, tomato, chillies, potato, carrot, beetroot, citrus, grape, onion, groundnut, peas, sunflower, brinjal, coffee, tea, ginger, cadamom, cashew, pepper, betel vine etc.

Method of application:

Seed treatment: Mix 10ml of Myco-T3-Tricho with 1kg of seeds and moisturize with cooled rice gruel or water and leave it for 30 minutes and sow the seeds.

Soil Application: Mix 1kg or 500ml of Myco-T3-Tricho with 150 kg of farmyard manure and broadcast it in the field.

Drip System: Mix 1 litre of Myco-T3-Tricho with water and incorporate it into the soil through the drip irrigation system.

Content: Trichoderma viride, T.harzianum and T. longibrachiatum (1 x 109 cfu / ml)

Dosage: 1000ml/acre

Caution: Do not mix with chemical fungicides or fertilizers.

Expiry: One year from the date of manufacturing

Pack size: 1000ml and 500ml