Method for preparation of C.P.P + B.D 500 Solution (Per Acre)

Take 250 gms of C.P.P and 30 gms of B.D 500 and put it in a 30 ltrs capacity plastic or earthenware container or a tank. Take 15 ltrs of pure water (Without any chemicals added to it) and pour it in the container. Mix it with hand first. Then, take a wooden spatula and mix the solution clockwise starting slowly and gradually increasing the speed. While increasing the speed come to the Centre of the container and mix clockwise. At some point in time you will observe a deep vacuum space in the middle of the container. Once you observe the stop immediately and start mixing anti clockwise slowly. Continue till the vacuum appears again. Then go clockwise again. This will be approximately 3 times a minute. Continue for 1 hour. After this it can either be sprayed by hand or by using a whisk or similar method. Spraying should be done in descending period avoiding during 1. Apogi, 2.periji, or the day prior to ‘Moon opposite Saturn’. This should be done in the afternoon while the sun’s rays are not so scorching. When we are busing this solution with solid manure like farmyard manure, we can use 2 to 5 kg of C.P.P and 200 gms of B.D 500. When we are using this solution with liquid manure we can use the same quantity as with solid manure. However if we are using fish liquid manure, liquid cow dung manure, we can mix them in the ratio of 100 ltrs liquid manure: 1 kg C.P.P. only (No BD 500), filter it and then spray it.

To prepare a solution of cow dung/cow urine – Take 100 ltrs of water, 5 kg cow dung, 5 ltr cow urine, 2 kg of jiggery and 1 kg CPP. Mix them well and keep it overnight. The next morning filter it and spray it.