Method for preparation of B.D 501 (Horn Silica) Solution and Spraying (Per Acre)

Take 4 gms of B.D 501 and mix with 15 ltrs of water ( preferably Rain Water). Take it in a plastic or earthenware container. Mix it with hand first. Then, take a wooden spatula and mix the solution clockwise starting slowly and gradually increasing the speed. While increasing the speed come to the Centre of the container and mix clockwise. At some point in time you will observe a deep vacuum space in the middle of the container. Once you observe the stop immediately and start mixing anti clockwise slowly. Continue till the vacuum appears again. Then go clockwise again. This will be approximately 3 times a minute. Continue for 1 hour. Spray is done either by hand sprayer or power sprayer. The spray has to be in the form of thick mist about 5 to 10 feet (depending on wind speed) above the trees/crops such that the mist will come down and sit on the crop or the trees. There may be a doubt whether 15 ltrs will be enough for 1 acre of land. However if we reduce the intensity of output of the sprayer and increase the speed of our walk, we will find that it is adequate. It is preferable to spray from the edge of the trenches which will ensure that the spray reaches the entire acre of land. It should be sprayed during ascending days or ‘full moon day’ or ‘Moon opposite Saturn day’ at around 10 AM when the sun’s intensity is low. If there is cloud it can be done at 11 AM. Spraying should be avoided during Apogi and Periji days. It will take approximately 25 minutes to spray one acre of land.