Farmer’s Bio-fertilizers and Organics emerged as a company on July 2013. The company has highly qualified professionals having extensive knowledge in the field of Bio-fertilizers technology, Bio-control agents, Bio-pesticides and Bio-insecticides. We have experts in the field of microbial technology, biotechnology and plant-microbe interactions.

The company was founded by Dr. G. Vivekanandhan, a renowned scientist who has more than 20 years of experience in the field of microbiology. The founder is basically an environmental scientist and later he became a microbiologist. He has several credits to his research careers, and carried out various research projects at several laboratories in India and abroad (Japan, Spain, USA, Italy, UK and Thailand).

The aim of the company is to enhance the soil fertility through bio-inputs such as bio-fertilizers, bio-control agents, bio-pesticides and bio-insecticides to promote eco-friendly methodology for sustainable and healthy agriculture.

Further, to minimize the usage of chemical fertilizers and hazardous sprays in agriculture practice.

The company has always been keen in producing unique products (combination of bio-fertilizers and bio-control agents) to overcome expensive protocol as well as laborious tasks in agriculture.

The innovative methodologies developed by us certainly boost up organic farming in Indian agriculture sector. Some of our products could help the farmers to overcome drought, as the products could enhance resistance in plants.

Integrated use of bio-fertilizers and bio-control agents could enhance the soil fertility and thus, it would be possible to keep the younger generation to carry on agriculture in future to self-sustain our organic agriculture products in the global market.